Spring Yoga Workshop (Vimeo Video Link)

3 hours Workshop Recorded on Saturday 6th March

Practice with me to really nourish yourself this spring and the seeds you are sowing in your life as we embed ourselves a little deeper into the fertile soil of our bodies. Feel the invitation of the breath into expansion and reach towards the growing light.

We explore the delicacy and the resilience of spring and learn how this season encourages nurture and attention of the most precious kind. How can we offer ourselves, the space and the right conditions to really grow into all that we can be this year?

I am joined by Astrid Kroczek a London based Ayurvedic Practitioner who guides us through this season through the Ayurvedic lens.

You can find her and her practice here at https://www.namastow.com


I look forward to practicing with you in reverance of all that is rising within, for the benefit of all beings!

Happy Spring! xx


Spring Yoga Workshop (Replay)

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