What can be more hopeful and patient than a seed? Feel into your own innate capacity for resilience and resourcefulness by growing your own herbs with me, get to know them and the incredible beauty and healing they offer the world. All you need is a sunny window sill.


The full earth ritual kit will take you through the year with the herbs. You will receive 3 seasonal audio tracks to take you through the year with the plants. The first track you will receive not long after you get your kit in the post, this is on sowing and growing. The second you will receive in the summer, this will be on picking, storing and making infusions with the herbs. The third will be on seed saving and making balms and you with receive this in the autumn. All of the tracks will contain a meditation to help attune to the season.


The Full Earth Ritual kit contains:


  • 3 packs of seeds of Calendula, Lemon Balm and Wild Chamomile healing herbs. They are wonderful organic, soil certified seeds sourced from a UK grower in cornwall.
  • A sustainable green start set from The Natural Gardener. A full seed sowing kit with little handmade organic coir fibre pots, root runners and trays, each of which contains a cube or disc of compressed dehydrated coir compost. Ideal if you don’t have easy access to compost or pots.


Plus for your inspiration:

  • A delightful postcard 'Grow Your Own Way' from @framesthatsparkle on recycled card
  • A hand rolled beeswax candle (made by me)
  • A beautiful A5 Art Card for inspiration from the magical @agayogaart with ecofriendly printing on 100% recycled card


The kit is delivered to your door in time for the growing season and you will receive links to the accompanying audio tracks.

You will also receive a discount code for 25% off the 3 hour online Spring Yoga Workshop on the 6th of March and a discount code for £10 off an online 30 minute Ayurvedic Consultation with Astrid Kroczek an Ayurvedic Practitioner based in Walthamstow.


The kit can be given as a gift for budding green fingered friends or nature loving family. A gift of connection to the earth and a gift of connection to themselves and their own well being.


Full Earth Rituals Kit

  • If you have gifted the Kit, please make sure I have the right mailing address and email for the person gifted. Please email me at the address below, especially if you want me to add a personal note. xx