A gift box for your Autumn Planting Rituals


11 beautiful bulbs curated for a fabulous late spring/summer display.

A handrolled Beeswax candle

and a pot of handmade Honey and Beeswax lip balm from my mums bees in Warwickshire.

All packaging is compostable and there is a beautiful postcard by Frames that Sparkle to inspire your heart.


Planting bulbs is a hopeful Autumnal ritual where we get to dream of possibilities, setting our intentions into the ground along with these nuggets of beauty and inspiration. As part of the package you will also recieve an audio track to accompany the planting to inspire reflection and the dreaming of possibilities.


When we cultivate beauty around us, we are also cultivating it within our hearts.

Happy  planting! 

Autumn Rituals Box

  • Bulbs cannot be returned or refunds given I'm afraid. I will select and pack the bulbs just prior to sending them to you and will ensure they are good quality. Once you recieve please ensure they are kept cool and dry until planting.